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Kopi.JS is a casual social gathering for engineers, designers and makers in Singapore. We hang out together, drink Kopi? and talk about almost anything!

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Kopi.JS is for anyone who build, design and make things. Those who are new and curious are welcomed too! There are no speakers and no presentations.

Our events are hosted as GitHub issues and feel free to check out our past meetups.

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Interested to learn more about Kopi.JS? Read the story on how we got started. Invite yourself into our chatroom and chat with us!

Visiting Singapore? Check out this amazing guide prepared by the Singapore Ruby community. Also check out We Build SG for more cool events and people.

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What is Kopi?

The word kopi is a Malay/Hokkien term for coffee.

Kopi is a dark and full bodied brew, less bitter (and, you could argue, more aromatic) than Vietnamese versions, but with the same subtle caramel-sweetness that comes from canned condensed or evaporated milk.

There is a whole range of Kopi terms and variations. You can customize them to your liking, such as type of milk, sweetness level and coffee strength.

Kopi Maker #

Confused? Why not make your own Kopi?!